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Maplepaw of Thicketclan (aka I am a huge nerd) by Kilamija
Maplepaw of Thicketclan (aka I am a huge nerd)
Submission for havvkeye's rad group ayyy

name: Maplepaw
name explanation: She has red fur, and maple leaves are known for turning a vivid red in the autumn. 
gender: demifemale
sex: female
sexual orientation: asexual
age: 14 moons
belief in starclan: (1-10): 5

description: ginger fur with brown stripes and a brown face, tail, and paws. (She looks too red in the picture; coloring is not my strong point).
fur length: long
body type: medium
scars: none yet

clan information
clan: Thicketclan
rank: apprentice
apprentice/mentor: ???

[ Clever | Agile | Sarcastic | Impatient ]

↑ || Clever: she has a quick wit and is very perceptive: it's very difficult to fool her. She is good at coming up with on-the-spot ideas and getting others out of a mess. She's also curious, especially about nature and the history of the clans.

↑ || Agile: she is an excellent hunter when she puts her mind to it. Her talent for moving through tree branches allows her to catch many squirrels and even birds. However, her impatience often hampers her hunting: she tends to pounce sooner than necessary, scaring her prey away.

↓ || Sarcastic: she has a quick tongue, and tends to use it even at inappropriate occasions. She's quite the sassy one.

↓ || Impatient: she tends to act impetuously, and constantly feels the need to be on the move. This often ends up getting her in trouble.

looking for: someone of any gender who is willing to be in a nonsexual romantic relationship with her.
orientation: asexual. Some may say that this is due to her young age; however, it carries over into adulthood.
preference: leans somewhat towards females, but generally likes all genders.
likes: intelligent cats who can put up with her sass, treat her as an equal, and won't boss her around.
dislikes: controlling or close-minded individuals.

She was one of several kittens, and was brought up in a normal, if boisterous, family. Her father was distant towards her and her siblings, so she had little affection towards him. As a kit, she was quite a lot of trouble, constantly poking around where she wasn't allowed and bothering the elders, whose stories she loved to listen to. As she grew older, she showed an aptitude for catching insects, such as butterflies and grasshoppers. After becoming an apprentice, she moved on to squirrels.

likes: light rain, the smell of pine needles, climbing trees
dislikes: excessive heat, loud and sudden noises, small spaces
fears: being in an area that doesn't have an escape route, twoleg machinery
aspirations: to learn as much as she can about the world she lives in and to improve her fighting skills (which aren't that great).

rp sample
I actually haven't roleplayed much before, but here's something with some of my ocs. Phew, this is embarrassing...

     Kosana and Tanner didn’t spend much time actually
at her house – the labyrinthine city of Khekken, in the mild month of April, was more than enough to last two eleven-year-olds all day. The city had grown up out of a trading post set up almost a thousand years ago by the native Nianka people and the northwestern Rularel, a mix between which provided the background of many of its inhabitants, and in the ages since, it had grown to a massive size. Not only was it large, convoluted, and confusing for outsiders, but it had also, perhaps due to the conflicting architectural dogmas of the Nianka and Rularel, grown up, rather than out. The city was built in layers: a top layer, where all those privileged enough could spend their days close to the sun, or in the shade of the grand oaks that lined the boulevards. The lower levels, like the one in which Tanner lived, were still somewhat in the sun, despite being underneath many yards of other houses, each separated from the one above it by an ancient wall slicked with damp green moss. Light found its way through the scaffolding that linked each house to the one beside it, and through strategically-placed gaps in the streets above. Besides, each block was separated from the next by twenty or more feet of air crisscrossed by makeshift bridges, which gradually resolved into shadow at the lowest levels. Looking down, Tanner could barely see the bottom, although it was only about nine levels below. The sun simply could not penetrate those depths at this time of day, and the clot of rope bridges and plank walkways and knotted scaffolding impeded its process even further. Some of the spaces leading downwards were much smaller. Cramped alleyways crisscrossed across Khekken’s surface, not wide enough to warrant their own footbridges: one simply jumped across. The city was not friendly to those who could not walk on their own.

timezone: Central
skype: rosayyyylmao

art © me lol

app © ClansOfCavewalkers 

Remembering April by Kilamija
Remembering April
I'm not sure if this is a maple or a sweetgum. I think it's a sweetgum. Or are they the same thing? I am not a botanist
I like flowers and cats! :squee:
And emoticons!
And that's it! :happybounce:


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